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Why Is Roll Forming Equipment Important?

You might not think that roll forming is a necessary part of life. However, just take a moment to look around, and you will see that a significant number of industries rely on metal roll forming to succeed.

Posted by Ben Browne on Friday, 13th March 2020

Wherever you are, whether in your office, at home, on the train, taking a stroll – it doesn’t matter. You’ll easily be able to cast your eyes around and see things that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for metal roll forming.

If roll forming machines had never been invented, it would instead be up to humans to control the time-intensive and challenging task of using press brakes, folders, and additional equipment to create various the metal products we use today. Manual labor would significantly increase, while productivity would take a massive hit – even the most novice company owners know that’s not an ideal business plan.


There are a significant number of different types of machines and pieces of equipment used in the metal roll forming process, and each one has a specific job in metal fabrication all around the globe. More common machines are mass-produced and used in businesses for the same or a similar purpose to create more everyday items that most people need. Others are incredibly specialized and only serve a very small and extremely niche market for a highly specific purpose.

Roll Forming Applications

Here are some of the typical examples of metal roll forming machines along with the kinds of products they create.

Coil and Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines produce several essential items that every homeowner needs, such as tiles, gutters and downspouts, and metal roofing and wall system panels.

Automotive Components roll forming equipment is used to craft flooring, in car manufacturing, for safety doors and bumpers, and even drip rails too.

Structural Framing roll forming machinery is used to create window frames and roof trusses and can be used to fabricate parts for flooring also.

Tube & Pipe Mills are useful for different types of tubing, such as mechanical, structural, and automotive. They are also used to create energy pipes and standard pipes.

Of course, these are just some out of the thousands of machines and pieces of equipment that are used in the roll forming process!


There is no denying that had metal roll forming never been invented, many industries would suffer, and it would simply not have been possible to produce so many metal-based items on such a massive scale. Industries such as the automotive industry, the farming industry, the construction industry, and even the pharmaceutical industry would have been hugely affected. It is thanks to metal roll forming that these businesses were able to achieve such growth, and the advancements in these industries were so profound.

All-in-all, metal roll forming machinery gives businesses the power and ability to manufacture significant quantities of metal products in both a hugely efficient and exact way.

Roll Forming Machine for Sale

If you are looking for a top-quality metal roll forming machine, whether used or new, for your business, browse the impressive range from Roll Forming Machines, LLC. Our expert team is on hand to advise you and can arrange for your machine to be delivered and set up to maximize your business productivity and growth. All roll forming machinery is fully assembled at our factory in the USA and comes with a 1 year warranty for parts and labor. Get in touch for a free consultation now!

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