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Common problems with roll forming machines

Roll-forming machine troubleshooting is an important skill to have as an operator. Understanding what could go wrong with your machine will help you preempt any problems and know what action to take should they occur.

Posted by Ben Browne on Thursday, 18th November 2021

Below, we have listed some of the most common issues you may encounter and what solutions are available.

Length Measuring Unit( Mechanical)

There is plenty that might go wrong with the Length Measuring Unit. If any part appears loose, for example, a part of the switch, pins, or limit stops, make sure to tighten them.

Length Measuring Unit( Encoder)

Other issues you may come across with the Length Measuring Unit include:

A worn encoder wheel - if this is the case, adjusting the tolerance coefficient can help reduce the wear. You may also need to replace the encoder. Wheel dirt - clean your wheel regularly to ensure dirt and debris don’t build up and keep it in good working order. Roll forming runs at an incorrect angle - make adjustments as necessary to ensure the correct angle is achieved. Product stretching due to encoding position being at the entry side - if you notice this occurring, you must relocate the encoder. Bent encoder shaft. If you notice that the encoder shaft has become bent during service, you must replace it with a new one.

Electric sensor and sensing unit

Problems with the electric sensor may arise because of poor setup. Loose installation and issues with angles, distance, location, and additional electrical problems can all wreak havoc on the roll-forming machine.

If the operator enters incorrect data this must be adjusted.

Mechanical presses

Problems with mechanical presses on a roll forming machine include:

Press not stopping at the top limit center A broken brake or clutch Air volume to weak resulting in clutch or break malfunctioning Valves or pneumatic accessories malfunctioning

Pneumatic presse

Problems with pneumatic presses on a roll forming machine include:

Valve issues Low air pressure Low air quantity Stroke set incorrectly Leaks developing in hoses or elsewhere Incorrect timing set

Hydraulic presses

Problems with Hydraulic presses on a roll forming machine include:

System problems such as low pressure or issues with valves Leaks developing in hoses or accessory components

Die rails

Problems with die rails on a roll forming machine include:

Insufficient lubrication Dirt build-up between the sliding parts. Sensors set incorrectly

Die accelerator

Problems with die accelerator on a roll forming machine include:

Speed doesn’t match the speed of the strip or product Die is not completely back in the home position Component becoming loose

Roll Forming Machine Straightener

Problems with straightener a roll forming machine include:

The product speed could be reduced or changed because the straightener has been installed too tight or misaligned.

Roll Forming Mill

Problems with the roll forming mill include:

Bent shaft(s) which influence the speed of the product Bad bearings could act as brakes Uneven lubrication can influence line speed.


Problems with the uncoiler include:

Brake becoming worn and changing the strip speed during every revolution of the uncoiler. This may also occur if the brake is not set correctly in the first place.

Unholier arms being over tightened influencing line speed.

By understanding some of the most common problems that may occur with your roll former, you will be more alert and better equipped to deal with them efficiently. Buying a high-quality roll forming machine from a reputable supplier such as Roll Forming LLC will reduce the risk of problems occurring. Browse our range or contact our customer team today.

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