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Chain drive roll former

A chain drive is one of the most popular and efficient ways to drive different types of roll-forming machines.

Posted by Ben Browne on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

How a chain drive roll forming machine works

A chain drive transmits mechanical power by transferring energy from one place to another using a rotational motion. Machines powered in this way are used for many different purposes, including transporting goods from one place to another, i.e., a conveyor belt, and lifting and dragging objects that cannot be moved by more conventional methods, because of weight, for example.

Typically chain drives are used to lift heavy loads, for power transmission, and in many different vehicle types such as cars, lorries, motorcycles, and bicycles. They are also widely used to create agricultural machinery and woodworking machinery.

Benefits of a chain drive roll forming machine
  1. Good safety performance. A chain drive roll former is a smart choice as it is generally considered very safe to use. While other tread types are prone to cracking and slipping and therefore present a safety hazard, a chain drive-powered roll former is more durable and fire resistant too. Because of the mechanical power transmission and endless series of chain links meshed with toothed sprocket gear, this roll-former type performs excellently under adverse thermal and atmospheric conditions, including wet conditions.
  2. Quick and easy installation. Although chain drive roll formers can be heavier to handle, the steel diving board is still reasonably easy to work with and maneuver. The system is also easy to use as the chains are typically narrower than the belt, which helps ease gear shifting.
  3. An impressive service life. Chain drive machines can have a much longer service life than their counterparts as the metal is not only high strength but will not bend under the weight, nor will it corrode over time. A chain drive roll former can withstand more significant pressure and heavier weights, making it a much more coveted machine type in industries such as construction, automotive, and installation.
  4. Great performance. Chain drive roll forming machines feature self-aligning, double taper lock bearings alongside an adjustable nut which enables to operator to preload the bearings. They boast a sleek design that can handle heavy loads and high speeds. They also transmit more power than belt and rope drive, have less frictional loss, and put less load on the shafts.When compared to a gearbox-operated machine, the chain drive is extremely low maintenance while simultaneously providing positive engagement and impressive reliability.
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