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Buying a metal roof roll forming machine for your business

If you are in the metal production business, you may be considering purchasing a metal roll forming machine to help increase efficiency and productivity.

Posted by Ben Browne on Friday, 1st October 2021

If you are in the metal production business, you may be considering purchasing a metal roll forming machine to help increase efficiency and productivity. However, buying a roll former is a big commitment and investment and therefore needs to be considered carefully.

What are some advantages to purchasing a metal roll forming machine for your business?

Your business owns it - once you have bought your machine, you have it for life. This means it is there to use every day to maximize productivity. You also have more options for customizing your device to ensure that you create end products to your exacting specifications. Owning a roll-forming machine will also add value to your business and could help ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

You are in control - if you only choose to lease a roll forming rather than buying one for yourself, whoever leases it to you is in charge. This can be frustrating if you plan to make customizations or if your machine needs maintenance or repairs, as you are at the mercy of the timescales and the decision of the leasing company to make this happen.

It is usually cheaper in the long run. Because you aren’t paying for a lease, if you use your roll forming machine over a long period will end up being a cheaper investment over time. As your productivity and efficiency will also increase, it can be a good investment for your business. You can also resell your machine if you no longer have use for it, and it is possible you can take advantage of tax incentives to keep costs even lower.

Of course, the decision to buy a roll-forming machine can’t be taken lightly. It is a big financial commitment, and the initial outgoing cost is high. By taking the time to research the machine that will be best for your business needs and having a strict budget in mind, you can make a decision you feel confident in. Training operatives on how to use the machine and budgeting for repairs and maintenance is also imperative to ensure there are no shocks.

To understand whether you need a roll former, it’s a good idea to do an assessment of your current financial situation. How profitable will the machine be for your business? Will it end up paying for itself? Also, consider whether your need for a roll forming machine is short or long term? If your need for the device is daily, then purchasing is undoubtedly likely to be the best option. You should also think about the industry you operate in and its technological advances. If your industry is constantly evolving and changing, your machine may need constant updates to keep up with changes, or you risk it becoming outdated, and this could become costly.

Purchasing a roll-forming machine can hugely boost your business's productivity and efficiency. If you have done your research and weighed up the pros and cons, you are sure to invest in the best machine for your business and will enjoy all the long-term benefits a roll-forming machine can bring.

At Rollforming LLC, we have a superb range of roll forming machines for a variety of business purposes. Browse our machines here, or get in touch with our customer team to discuss your needs.

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