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We have delivered and set up a new metal drip edge machine for a Metal roofing supply company based in Orlando Florida

Posted on Friday, December 16, 2022

Roll Forming Machines LLC was contacted by a customer based in Orlando Florida who manufactures metal roofing. They sent over the profile they desired. We had the the machine in stock at our factory in Florida it was delivered and set up within 2 weeks by our team of roll forming engineers, each with many years of experience in setting up and running roll forming equipment,

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The drip edge roll forming machines footprint was 18ft x 3 x 5ft and weighed 6000lbs, the forming speed was 80ft per minute, and featured 20 stations. Cutting type was flying shear, and for safety, it includes e-stop and safety covers. The machine's main power is 240v - 3ph - 60Hz with an 8Hp motor and its chain drive, the control panel was Delta.

Profile was 2-1/2" face and 3" face, Horizontal is adjustable max 4"

B Deck Steel Roof

B Deck Steel Roof

Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2024

B Deck is a common choice, there are other types of steel roof decks, such as A Deck, F Deck, and N Deck

1 1/2 inch drip edge profile

1 1/2 inch drip edge profile

Posted on Tuesday, December 12, 2023

1 1/2 inch drip edge Profile Description

Robotics and AI in sheet metal forming

Robotics and AI in sheet metal forming

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What is the history of roll forming machine?

What is the history of roll forming machine?

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Here is a brief history of the roll forming machine

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