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Construction > Slitter Blanking Line Machine
Custom Roll Forming > Slitter Blanking Line Machine

Slitter Blanking Line Machine


  • Gauge 3,4 mm thick mild steel coil processing

  • Up to 1830 mm wide coils

  • Blanking rates up to 30,5 m/min

  • Consistent length tolerances to +/- 0,8 mm


  • Easily accessible for operator setup, quickly positioned slitter knives

  • 4-roll straightening section provides flat multiples

  • Electronic controls for pre-setting blank sizes and batch counts

  • Edge trim rewinders, scrap choppers and stacking systems are available

  • Variable speed chain drive supplies constant-rate product output from 4,6 m/min to 100 31 m/min

  • A host of accessories are available to custom fit the users exacting blanking needs.


What Is A Slitter Blanking Line Machine
Slitting Blanking line Machines are for cutting narrow coils from main coils.

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