Pbr pre shear heavy duty machine

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Heavy Duty PBR Panel Roll Forming Machine Specifications

  • 20'stands
  • Chain drive
  • 24g to 29g
  • 4 Post pre shear
  • Motor sizes pre shear 4hp 240 v3 ph hz
  • Main motor 7.5hp 240 v 3ph 60hz
  • Tolling heat treated hard chromed rollers
  • Computer controls read out in inches
  • Computer batching
  • Hydraulic uncoiler with car 10,000lb
  • Print length 37ft - 6"
  • 5ft wide 5ft tall
  • Safety covers and e stops
  • Weight 12,000lb

Heavy Duty PBR Panel Machine Description

A Heavy Duty PBR Panel Roll Forming Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the construction and manufacturing industry to produce PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) panels. PBR panels are commonly used in roofing and siding applications for industrial and commercial buildings.

Here are some key features and information about a Heavy Duty PBR Panel Roll Forming Machine:

  1. Roll Forming Process: The machine utilizes a roll forming process to transform flat sheets of metal, typically steel or aluminum, into PBR panels with the desired shape and profile. The roll forming process involves passing the metal through a series of rollers that gradually shape it into the desired profile.
  2. Heavy-Duty Construction: These machines are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks and are built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in an industrial setting. They are typically constructed with strong and durable materials to ensure longevity.
  3. Profile Customization: PBR panels come in various profiles and dimensions, and the roll forming machine can be configured to produce PBR panels with specific dimensions and profiles to meet the requirements of different construction projects.
  4. High Precision: Roll forming machines are known for their ability to produce precise and consistent profiles. They can produce PBR panels with tight tolerances, ensuring that the panels fit together seamlessly when used in construction.
  5. Speed and Efficiency: These machines are designed for high-speed production, allowing for the efficient manufacture of PBR panels in large quantities. The exact production speed may vary depending on the specific machine model and setup.
  6. Automation: Many modern roll forming machines are equipped with automation features such as computerized control systems, which can help optimize the production process and reduce the need for manual labor.
  7. Coil Feeding: The machine typically takes coils of sheet metal as input, and a coil feeding system is used to continuously supply the metal to the roll forming process.
  8. Cutting and Stacking: After the metal has been roll-formed into PBR panels, the machine may have cutting and stacking mechanisms to cut the panels to the desired lengths and stack them for easy handling and transport.
  9. Safety Features: Safety measures are essential when operating heavy-duty machinery like roll forming machines. These machines often have safety guards and emergency stop systems to protect operators.
  10. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the continued performance and longevity of the machine. Proper lubrication, inspection, and repair of worn components are part of routine maintenance procedures.

Heavy Duty PBR Panel Roll Forming Machines are used by manufacturers of metal roofing and siding materials and contractors involved in construction projects that require PBR panels. They are valuable tools for producing high-quality panels efficiently and effectively. When considering the purchase of such a machine, it's important to research different manufacturers and models to find one that meets your specific production needs and requirements.

All roll forming machinery is fully assembled at our factory in Orlando Florida. Our Roll Forming Machines come with a 1 year warranty for parts and labor. All machines will be made to customer personal requirements and profile.

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