Fascia Gutter Rollformer

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Fascia Gutter Roll Forming Machine Specifications

  • Profile: Facia Gutters
  • Coil Width: 14"
  • Forming Speed: 70 - 80ft
  • Material thickness: Aluminum 
  • Machine Weight: 7 ton
  • Machine Footprint: 31ft
  • Main power: 8Hp
  • Motor: 240v 3ph 60Hz
  • Gearbox: Chain drive
  • Stations: 24
  • Cutting type: Electric shear
  • Control system: Delta CNC
  • Safety covers- Yes
  • E Stops
  • FOB Orlando, Florida

Fascia Gutter Roll Forming Machine Description

A fascia gutter roll forming machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing of fascia gutters. Fascia gutters are an integral part of a building's roofing system, as they help channel rainwater away from the roof and prevent water damage to the building's structure. These gutters are typically installed along the edge of the roof, beneath the fascia board.

The roll forming machine for fascia gutters is designed to efficiently produce long runs of uniform gutter sections with a consistent profile. Here's how it generally works:

  1. Material Feed: The machine takes in a coil of metal material, usually aluminum or steel, which will be used to form the gutters. This coil is loaded onto a decoiler or feeding system.
  2. Roll Forming: The material is then passed through a series of rollers and dies that gradually shape it into the desired profile. The rollers and dies are specifically designed to create the unique shape of a fascia gutter, including the trough and the various bends and folds.
  3. Cutting and Length Control: At specific intervals, the machine will have a cutting mechanism that can cut the formed gutter into the desired lengths. The length control system ensures that each section of the gutter is consistent in size.
  4. Additional Features: Depending on the design and requirements, the machine may also incorporate features like end caps, miters, or other custom bends in the gutter sections.
  5. Stacking or Packaging: The finished gutter sections are typically stacked or packaged for shipment or further processing.

The key benefits of using a roll forming machine for fascia gutters include high production efficiency, consistent product quality, and the ability to produce gutters of various lengths and profiles to meet different project specifications. These machines are commonly used by manufacturers or contractors who specialize in gutter installation.

It's worth noting that the specific design and features of fascia gutter roll forming machines can vary depending on the manufacturer and the requirements of the gutter profiles they need to produce.

All roll forming machinery is fully assembled at our factory in Orlando Florida. Our Roll Forming Machines come with a 1 year warranty for parts and labor. All machines will be made to customer personal requirements and profile.

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To request a quote or If you have any questions about our machines, please fill out the contact form below.

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