Electric Ridge Cap Bender

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Ridge Cap Bender Machine Specifications

  • Electric Cam Press
  • Manually Adjustable Depth Control for Different Pitches
  • Operated via Foot Switch
  • Material thickness: 22g to 29g
  • Panel width: 36" wide
  • Pitch 1 - 12 to 4 - 12 Max
  • Profile - Pbr - AG
  • Machine Weight - 1400lbs
  • Machine Footprint - 70” height 70” x 60 deep
  • Main power - 240v - 3ph - 60Hz
  • Ridge cap production speed: 4 ridge caps per minute

Ridge Cap Bending Machine Description

An electric ridge cap bender machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in roofing and construction to bend or shape ridge caps for roofing applications. Ridge caps are the protective covers placed along the ridge of a roof to seal it and prevent water, debris, and pests from entering the structure. These caps are typically made from metal, such as steel or aluminum, and need to be bent to match the contour of the roof's ridge.

The electric ridge cap bender machine is designed to automate the process of bending these ridge caps accurately and efficiently. It is equipped with electric motors and controls that allow for precise bending of the metal sheets used for ridge caps. This machine can handle different materials and thicknesses, depending on its design and specifications.

The basic operation of an electric ridge cap bender machine involves feeding a flat metal sheet into the machine, which then uses its electrically powered rollers, blades, or bending mechanisms to shape the sheet into the desired ridge cap profile. The machine's settings can be adjusted to achieve the desired curvature, width, and other specifications for the ridge caps.

Using an electric ridge cap bender machine can save time and labor compared to manual bending methods, and it helps ensure uniformity and accuracy in the production of ridge caps for roofing projects. These machines are commonly used by roofing contractors and manufacturers to streamline their operations and produce high-quality ridge caps for various roofing systems.

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