Coil Tipping Car

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Coil Upender Specifications

  • Coil Tipping Car Maximum 7 Tons
  • 240v Three Phase 60Hz

Coil Upender Description

A coil upender, also known as a coil tilter or coil tipper, is a piece of industrial equipment used in various manufacturing and material handling processes, particularly in industries that work with coils of metal or other materials. The primary purpose of a coil upender is to rotate or tip coils from a horizontal position to a vertical or angled position and vice versa. This rotation can be important for various reasons, including:

  1. Storage and Space Optimization: By tilting coils upright, you can save floor space in warehouses or manufacturing facilities, making it easier to store and access coils.
  2. Coil Loading and Unloading: Coil upenders can assist in the safe loading and unloading of coils onto machinery, such as stamping presses or roll forming machines.
  3. Safety: Tipping coils to a vertical position can help prevent injuries and accidents that might occur during manual handling or when using forklifts or cranes to maneuver large and heavy coils.
  4. Quality Control: In some manufacturing processes, it's essential to inspect coils in a vertical or angled position to check for defects or quality issues.

Coil upenders come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different coil sizes and weights. They typically consist of a frame or platform that can be hydraulically or mechanically tilted to the desired angle. Operators load the coil onto the platform, secure it, and then activate the upending mechanism to rotate the coil to the desired position.

These machines are commonly used in industries such as steel processing, metal fabrication, paper mills, and more, where coils of materials need to be handled efficiently and safely. Coil upenders help streamline operations, improve safety, and optimize storage space.

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