3000lb Double Head Manual Uncoiler

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3000lb Double Head Manual Uncoiler Specifications

  • Manual Decoiling speed: 70ft - 80ft
  • Max loading capacity: 3 ton
  • Loading 2 coil: Double Head
  • Coil width: 30" ID 20"
  • Machine Weight - 600lbs
  • Machine Footprint - 6' x 6' x 5'
  • Working speed: Work with roll forming machine

3000lb Double Head Uncoiler Description

A 3000lb double-head manual uncoiler is a piece of equipment used in various industries, particularly in metalworking and coil processing. It is designed to hold and unwind coils of material, such as metal sheets or strips, from a spool or roll for further processing. Here's a breakdown of the key components and features of a typical 3000lb double-head manual uncoiler:

  1. Capacity: The "3000lb" in the description indicates the maximum weight capacity of the uncoiler, which is 3000 pounds (or approximately 1361 kilograms). This means it can handle coils or spools of material weighing up to 3000 pounds.
  2. Double Head: A double-head uncoiler typically means that it has two separate mandrels or spindles on which coils can be mounted simultaneously. This allows for more efficient and continuous processing since one coil can be unwound while the other is prepared for use.
  3. Manual Operation: The term "manual" indicates that this uncoiler is operated by human labor rather than being automated or motorized. Operators manually control the unwinding process, which may involve turning cranks or handles to feed the material at a controlled pace.
  4. Mandrels or Spindles: The uncoiler features two mandrels or spindles, one for each coil. These mandrels securely hold the coils in place while allowing them to rotate freely during unwinding.
  5. Brake or Tension Control: Manual uncoilers typically have some form of brake or tension control mechanism. This helps to control the rate at which the material is unwound and prevents it from uncoiling too quickly or becoming tangled.
  6. Frame and Stand: The uncoiler is typically mounted on a sturdy frame or stand, which provides stability and support during operation. This frame may be adjustable in height to accommodate different coil sizes.
  7. Coil Expansion: Some manual uncoilers may have features that allow for easy expansion or contraction of the mandrels to accommodate coils of various sizes.
  8. Safety Features: Safety is paramount when operating any industrial equipment. Manual uncoilers may include safety features such as guards to protect operators from moving parts and emergency stop mechanisms.
  9. Application: Manual uncoilers are commonly used in metal stamping, roll forming, coil slitting, and other metalworking processes where flat or coiled material needs to be unwound for further processing.
  10. Operator Skill: Proper operation of a manual uncoiler requires skill and training to ensure safe and efficient handling of the material.

It's important to note that the specifications and features of a 3000lb double-head manual uncoiler may vary from one manufacturer to another. Operators should always follow safety guidelines and manufacturer's instructions when using this equipment to prevent accidents and ensure the quality of the processed material.

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