10,000lb Hydraulic Uncoiler on Track

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10,000lb Hydraulic Uncoiler Specifications

  • Machine Weight - 3 ton
  • Machine Footprint - 14ft x 6ft x 6ft
  • Main power - 7Hp
  • Max loading capacity - 10,000lb
  • Production Capacity: 70/80 Ft
  • Material width: max 48"
  • Control system - PLC - 240v 3ph 60Hz
  • Speed control: infrared sensor
  • Working speed: Work with roll forming machine

10,000lb Hydraulic Uncoiler Description

A 10,000-pound hydraulic uncoiler, also known as a coil or reel uncoiler, is a piece of equipment used in metal processing and manufacturing industries. Its primary purpose is to safely and efficiently unwind or uncoil large coils of metal sheet or strip, typically made of materials like steel, aluminum, or other metals.

Here are some key features and functions of a 10,000-pound hydraulic uncoiler:

  1. Weight Capacity: This type of uncoiler is designed to handle coils with a maximum weight of 10,000 pounds (approximately 4,536 kilograms).
  2. Hydraulic System: It is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides the necessary power to control the uncoiling process. Hydraulic cylinders and valves are used to adjust the tension and speed of unwinding.
  3. Decoiling Mandrel: The uncoiler has a mandrel or spindle onto which the coil is mounted. The hydraulic system controls the expansion and contraction of this mandrel to securely hold and release the coil.
  4. Unwinding Control: Operators can control the speed at which the coil is unwound using the hydraulic system. This allows for precise feeding of the metal material into downstream processing equipment.
  5. Safety Features: Safety is paramount when dealing with heavy coils. Hydraulic uncoilers are often equipped with safety guards, emergency stop buttons, and sensors to prevent accidents.
  6. Coil Alignment: Some hydraulic uncoilers have features for aligning the coil correctly during the uncoiling process, ensuring that the material is fed uniformly and without skew.
  7. Motorized Rotation: Depending on the design, the mandrel of the uncoiler may be motorized to rotate the coil as needed for specific manufacturing processes.
  8. Coil Size Compatibility: Hydraulic uncoilers are available in various sizes to accommodate different coil widths and diameters. The 10,000-pound capacity refers to the maximum weight the uncoiler can handle, but the coil's physical dimensions also matter.
  9. Integration: Hydraulic uncoilers are often integrated into larger metal processing lines alongside other equipment like straighteners, shears, presses, and roll forming machines.
  10. Customization: Depending on the specific needs of a manufacturing operation, hydraulic uncoilers can be customized with additional features or controls.

In summary, a 10,000-pound hydraulic uncoiler is an industrial machine designed to safely and efficiently unwind heavy metal coils for further processing in manufacturing operations. Its hydraulic system and various features allow for precise control and safe handling of the metal material.

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