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Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

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Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

Sheet metal rollers can create precise shapes such as arcs, bends, and cylinders at high speed.

Posted by Ben Browne on Monday, December 12, 2022

Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

Sheet metal roll-forming machines have improved dramatically over the years. By integrating cutting-edge technology, sheet metal roll formers are becoming more efficient and cost-effective year after year. 

Metal roll-forming machines play a vital part in many different industries. Sheet metal rollers can create precise shapes such as arcs, bends, and cylinders at high speed. Custom metal fabrication can also be achieved using a steel metal roll forming machine. 

There are different types of sheet metal roll formers, and deciding which is best for your business requires extensive research and will depend on the type of metal you are working with and your desired outcome.

Broadly speaking, sheet metal rollers can be divided into 2, 3, and 4-cylinder rollers as a starting point. Each machine will be customized with different additional features for specific construction types geared toward making the process more efficient and accurate. The size of the end product, the material type, and whether the rolls are circular or conical can all influence the type of metal roller you need.

2 cylinder metal rollers

A 2-cylinder metal roll-forming machine uses two cylindrical rollers to bend and shape the sheet metal into the end shape. The larger roller is coated in urethane, and the role of the smaller roller is to apply the force, which then bends the metal into the desired arc or curve. These machine types benefit from a fast operation so that they can produce large quantities of products in a short space of time. They are typically used for smaller projects which require thinner metal parts. Some common uses could include tubing, piping, filters, or canisters.

3 cylinder metal rollers

Three-cylinder metal rollers have an additional third set of rollers to create a third stage of bending in the process. They can handle both thin and thicker metals though they often are used to manipulate metal less than an inch thick. Because the third set of rollers provides additional control, tighter cylinders can be created. Projects requiring a 3-cylinder metal roller include piping, tubing, and ducts.

4 Cylinder metal rollers

A 4 Cylinder sheet metal roll forming machine uses the additional roller to apply constant pressure to the sheet metal that is fed through it. The 4th roller sits beneath the uppermost roller, allowing for greater control and precision throughout the roll-forming process. While typically used to make cylinders, a 4-cylinder metal roll-forming machine can also create squares and rectangular products. These machines are also highly efficient and can shape and bend much thicker metals and, therefore, can construct more significant and more complex items. 4-cylinder sheet metal roll forming machines may be used to create HVAC components, industrial piping or tubing, fan bodies, or large shaft components.

Sheet metal roll formers - additions

All these machine types can boast additional features, which means they can produce more complex end products. Some may use overhead supports to work with lightweight metals that might otherwise collapse during the rolling process; others use side supports for products with a wider radius to prevent them from recurving.

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