Metal Deck Pour Stop Roll Forming Machine

The purpose of a metal deck pour stop is to create a barrier or edge on the perimeter of a concrete deck or slab

Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2023

A Metal Deck Pour Stop Roll Forming Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the construction industry to manufacture metal deck pour stops. Let's break down the key components and functions of this machine:

  1. Roll Forming Machine: This is the central part of the equipment. It consists of a series of rollers and dies that shape a continuous strip of metal into a specific profile. In the case of a metal deck pour stop roll forming machine, it shapes the metal into the desired pour stop profile.
  2. Metal Strip Feed: The machine is designed to take a continuous coil or strip of metal, typically steel or aluminum, from a coil holder or roll, and feed it into the roll forming section. The metal strip can vary in thickness, width, and material based on the specific requirements of the pour stop.
  3. Roller Dies: The rollers and dies within the roll forming machine are carefully designed to gradually bend and shape the metal strip into the desired profile. In the case of pour stops, this profile typically includes a flange or lip that will be embedded in concrete to provide structural support.
  4. Cutting Mechanism: After the metal strip has been formed to the desired profile, a cutting mechanism is often included in the machine to cut the formed strip into individual pour stop pieces of the desired length. These pieces can then be easily handled and transported to the construction site.
  5. Control System: Modern roll forming machines are typically equipped with computerized control systems that allow operators to set parameters such as the length of the pour stops, the speed of the machine, and other variables to ensure consistent and precise production.
  6. Safety Features: Safety features such as guards and emergency stop buttons are essential components of any industrial machinery, including roll forming machines, to protect operators and prevent accidents.

The purpose of a metal deck pour stop is to create a barrier or edge on the perimeter of a concrete deck or slab. This edge helps contain the liquid concrete during pouring and prevents it from overflowing. Once the concrete has set, the pour stop remains embedded in the concrete, providing structural support and helping to create a smooth, finished edge.

Metal deck pour stops are commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other concrete structures. Using a roll forming machine to manufacture these components ensures uniformity and precision in their dimensions, which is crucial for their proper function in construction projects.

Metal Deck Pour Stop Profile

A metal deck pour stop profile refers to the specific shape or cross-sectional design of the metal component used as a pour stop in construction. The profile of a metal deck pour stop is essential because it determines how the pour stop will function and fit into the concrete structure. Here's a description of a typical metal deck pour stop profile:

  1. L-Shaped Profile: The most common profile for metal deck pour stops is L-shaped. It resembles the letter "L" in cross-section, with one leg of the "L" serving as a flange or lip that is embedded in the concrete, and the other leg extending outward and upward to create a vertical edge. This L-shaped profile provides structural support to the concrete slab while also forming a clean and finished edge.
  2. Flange or Lip: The horizontal leg of the L-shaped profile is often designed with a flat, wide flange or lip. This flange is the part that gets embedded in the concrete during the pouring process. It provides stability to the concrete edge and prevents it from crumbling or chipping.
  3. Vertical Edge: The vertical leg of the L-shaped profile rises above the concrete surface and creates a vertical edge. This edge is typically straight and smooth, ensuring a neat and finished appearance for the concrete structure.
  4. Material and Thickness: The material used for metal deck pour stops is usually steel or aluminum due to their durability and strength. The thickness of the metal can vary depending on the specific project requirements, but it is typically designed to provide the necessary structural support and stability.
  5. Length: The length of metal deck pour stops can vary based on the needs of the construction project. They are often produced in standard lengths and can be cut to the desired size during installation.
  6. Perforations or Holes: Some pour stops may have perforations or holes along the vertical leg, which can serve various purposes, such as allowing for the passage of rebar or facilitating the attachment of other construction components.
  7. Coating or Finish: Depending on the application and environmental conditions, the metal pour stops may be coated or finished to protect them from corrosion or other forms of deterioration.

The specific dimensions and design of a metal deck pour stop profile can vary based on the project's architectural and structural requirements. Contractors and engineers will typically specify the type and dimensions of pour stops needed for a particular construction project, and manufacturers will use roll forming machines to produce pour stops with the specified profile to ensure consistency and precision.

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