Cee and Zee Purlin Roll Forming Machine in Orlando, Flordia

Cee and Zee Purlin Machine for sale in Orlando, USA

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2023

Understanding the Cee & Zee Purlin Roll Forming Machine

A Cee & Zee Purlin Roll Forming Machine is a specialized device used to manufacture purlins, which are horizontal beams or bars used for structural support in buildings. This machine is designed to produce both C and Z-shaped purlins, which are essential components in modern steel and metal buildings. The C and Z purlins are different in their shape, with C purlins resembling the letter 'C' and Z purlins looking like the letter 'Z'. This machine offers versatility in producing these shapes, making it a valuable tool in the construction industry.

How the Machine Works

The machine operates by taking metal coils and precisely bending them into the desired C or Z purlin shape. It starts by feeding a flat metal coil into the machine, where it goes through a series of rollers. These rollers gradually shape the metal into either a C or Z profile. The process is controlled by a specialized control system, typically a Delta system, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the shape of the purlins. The machine also features a hydraulic shear for cutting the purlins to the required length.

Key Features of the Machine
  1. Profile Range: The machine can produce purlins ranging in size from 5" to 12", allowing for a variety of building needs.
  2. Coil Width: It accommodates variable coil widths, enhancing its flexibility in purlin production.
  3. Forming Speed: The machine operates at a speed of 50 - 60ft per minute, ensuring efficient production.
  4. Material Thickness: It supports variable material thicknesses, catering to different construction requirements.
  5. Machine Weight and Footprint: The machine weighs 15 tons and has a footprint of 60ft x 12ft, indicating its robust and substantial build.
  6. Power and Stations: It operates on a main power of 32Hp - 480v - 3ph and features 21 stations for various stages of purlin formation.
  7. Cutting Type and Control System: The machine uses a hydraulic shear for cutting and is controlled by a Delta system for precision.
  8. Safety Features: It includes safety covers and Emergency Stops, ensuring operator safety.
Utilization of the Machine's Profile

The profiles produced by the Cee & Zee Purlin Roll Forming Machine are crucial in construction. The C purlin is often used for walls and framing, while the Z purlin is typically utilized in roofing applications. Their shapes provide different structural benefits: C purlins are excellent for straightforward, linear applications, whereas Z purlins offer better strength in potentially variable or unpredictable load conditions.

Practicalities and Benefits

The machine's ability to produce both C and Z purlins (c vs z purlin) addresses diverse construction needs, making it a versatile and practical investment. Its high forming speed and ability to handle variable material thickness and coil widths make it suitable for a wide range of projects. Additionally, the precision and consistency in purlin production ensure high-quality construction elements. For the consumer, this translates into reliability and efficiency in building projects. Furthermore, its robust build and safety features assure long-term use with minimal risk. The machine, with its FOB in Orlando, Florida, is readily accessible for American consumers, making it an advantageous addition to any construction or manufacturing operation involving steel structures.

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