Horizon 3 Ton Forklift in Orlando, USA

Horizon 3 ton Forklift available for purchase from Roll Forming Machines LLC

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

How the Forklift Works

This forklift operates primarily on a hydraulic system. As the operator commands from the cabin, the hydraulics activate, allowing the machine to lift substantial loads. The controls are intuitive and designed for precision, ensuring both the safety of the operator and the materials being handled.

Distinct Features of the Horizon 3 Ton Forklift

  1. Hydraulic side shifting forks: Enhancing its adaptability, the forks can move laterally, perfect for handling different load sizes.
  2. Triple mast: This feature ensures the forklift can reach impressive heights, making it invaluable for tall storage racks or construction tasks.
  3. Fuel Type: LPG - Gas: Utilizing Liquefied Petroleum Gas, the forklift ensures efficient operations with a cleaner energy footprint.
  4. Kubota engines with EPA certification: Ensuring compliance with environmental standards, the engine is both powerful and eco-friendly.
  5. Shipped direct from Orlando, Florida: Customers can expect a streamlined delivery process across the USA, ensuring timely access to their machinery.

Utilizing the Horizon Forklift

Given its robust profile, the Horizon 3 Ton Forklift is versatile. Industries ranging from retail to construction can leverage its power for tasks like moving heavy inventory, transporting construction materials, or even lifting items to significant heights in warehouses.

Practicalities and Benefits

The Horizon's practical design ensures it's not just about raw power; it's about efficient and safe operations. With features like the hydraulic side shifting forks and the triple mast, tasks become more streamlined. The use of LPG as fuel is economical and environmentally sound. And with the trusted Kubota engine, users can be assured of its reliability and longevity.

For the consumer, investing in the Horizon 3 Ton Forklift means having a machine that promises performance, safety, and eco-friendliness. The direct shipping from Orlando, Florida, further ensures that they receive their machinery promptly, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Are you looking at a Horizon 3 Ton Forklift?

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