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Electric Ridge Cap Bender Machine by Roll Forming Machines LLC

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Understanding the Electric Ridge Cap Bender

At its core, an Electric Ridge Cap Bender is a specialized machine designed to precisely bend metal sheets. As its name implies, its primary function is to produce ridge caps, which are essential components in the roofing industry. Ridge caps are the finishing touch to a metal roof, covering the seam where two roof panels meet at the apex. This machine automates the bending process, ensuring consistent, quality results every time.

How Does It Work?

The Electric Ridge Cap Bender operates using an Electric Cam Press mechanism. The metal sheet, which will become the ridge cap, is fed into the machine. As the sheet moves through, the Electric Cam Press applies pressure at specific points, bending the metal into the desired ridge cap shape. The depth of this bend can be manually adjusted to accommodate different roof pitches, thanks to the Manually Adjustable Depth Control feature. A foot switch controls the operation, allowing the user to operate the machine hands-free and focus on feeding and retrieving the metal sheets.

Key Features of the Machine:

  1. Electric Cam Press: Powers the bending process with precision.
  2. Manually Adjustable Depth Control for Different Pitches: Allows customization for various roof designs.
  3. Operated via Foot Switch: Provides convenience and safety during operation.
  4. Specifications:
    • Material thickness: 22g to 29g
    • Panel width: 36" wide
    • Pitch range: 1 - 12 to 4 - 12 Max
    • Profile: Pbr - AG
    • Machine Weight: 1400lbs
    • Machine Footprint: 70” height x 70” width x 60” deep
    • Main power source: 240v - 3ph - 60Hz
    • Ridge cap production speed: 4 ridge caps per minute

Machine's Profile and Use

The ridge cap bender's profile, designated as "Pbr - AG", indicates the specific design and shape of the ridge caps it produces. This profile is compatible with many modern roofing styles, making the machine versatile for various construction and roofing projects.

Practicalities and Benefits for Consumers

The Electric Ridge Cap Bender offers several practical benefits for consumers. Its ability to handle different material thicknesses, ranging from 22g to 29g, means it can cater to a wide variety of roofing needs. With a production speed of 4 ridge caps per minute, projects can be completed swiftly, saving time and labor costs. The machine's substantial weight and footprint ensure stability during operation, which, combined with the foot switch, enhances user safety. Furthermore, the 240v - 3ph - 60Hz power specification ensures it can be integrated into most workshop settings in America. Overall, this machine simplifies the ridge cap production process, ensuring quality and consistency, which are paramount in the roofing industry.

Are you looking at an Electric Ridge Cap Bender?

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