C&Z Purlin Forming Machine in Orlando, USA

C Purlin and Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine in Orlando, USA

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Understanding the C&Z Purlin Forming Machine

The C&Z Purlin Forming Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to produce C and Z shaped purlins. These purlins are steel beams used in building construction to support roofs or walls. The "C" and "Z" refer to the shapes of the beams that this machine can produce. With the aid of this machine, manufacturers can easily produce purlins that are customized to specific sizes and requirements.

How It Works

At its core, the C Z purlin roll forming machine works by taking metal coils and transforming them into the desired C or Z shaped profiles. The metal coil is fed into the machine where it is progressively shaped by a series of rollers, arranged in stations, until the desired profile is achieved. Once the right shape is formed, a hydraulic shear cuts the purlin to the required length. The entire process is controlled by a Delta control system, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Key Features

  1. Profile: Ranges from 5" to 12", allowing for various sizes of purlins.
  2. Coil Width: Variable, which means the machine can handle different widths of metal coils.
  3. Forming Speed: Achieves between 50-60ft per minute, ensuring swift production.
  4. Material Thickness: Variable, allowing for flexibility in the type of metal used.
  5. Machine Specifications:
    • Weight: 15 tons
    • Footprint: Measures 60ft x 12ft, ensuring it doesn't occupy excessive space.
    • Power Requirement: 32Hp, 480v, 3-phase.
    • Stations: 21, to precisely shape the purlins.
    • Cutting Type: Uses hydraulic shear for accurate cuts.
    • Control System: Delta, a reliable system.
    • Safety: Comes with safety covers and E Stops for protection.
    • Location: FOB Orlando, Florida.

Applications of the Profile

The C and Z purlin profiles produced by this machine are commonly used in the construction industry. Their unique shapes offer structural advantages. C purlins are often employed where the purlin extends over several supports, while Z purlins are typically used for shorter spans or where continuous spans over several supports are needed. Both profiles are versatile and can be used in various building types, including warehouses, factories, and commercial structures.

Practical Benefits

The C&Z Purlin Forming Machine offers immense practicality for manufacturers. Firstly, its ability to produce both C and Z purlins means companies don't need separate machines for each profile, saving space and resources. Its variable settings for coil width and material thickness provide flexibility in production, catering to diverse market demands. Additionally, the machine's safety features ensure that operators are protected, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. For consumers, purlins made by this machine guarantee quality and precision, ensuring that buildings using these purlins are robust and durable.

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