3" x 3" Structural Pipe Insert Roll Forming Machine in Orlando, USA

3" x 3" Structural Pipe Insert Roll Forming Machine in Orlando, USA

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Understanding the 3" x 3" Structural Pipe Insert Machine

A 3" x 3" Structural Pipe Insert Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to create structural steel pipes with a uniform profile size of 3 inches by 3 inches. It's a pivotal tool in the roll-forming structural steel industry, ensuring consistency and precision in the pipes produced.

How Does It Operate?

The operation of this machine involves feeding a flat strip of metal into the equipment. As the metal moves through the machine, it passes through various stations that gradually shape and mold the metal into the desired 3" x 3" profile. Once the desired shape is achieved, a flying saw cutting mechanism trims the pipe to the needed length. The control system, specifically the Delta control system, manages the entire process ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features of the Machine:

  1. Profile size: 3" x 3" – This is the standardized measurement of the pipe's cross-section.
  2. Forming Speed and Material thickness: These parameters determine how fast the machine operates and the thickness of the metal used.
  3. Machine Weight and Machine Footprint: Important details for installation and space considerations.
  4. Main power: Operates on 240v - 3ph - 60Hz, ensuring compatibility with standard industrial power supplies.
  5. Stations and Cutting type: Multiple stations shape the metal, and the flying saw ensures precise cuts.
  6. Control system: Delta – A trusted and reliable system for managing machine operations.
  7. Safety features: Safety covers and E Stops provide protection against accidents.

Utility of the 3" x 3" Profile

The 3" x 3" profile is a versatile and commonly used size in construction and various infrastructure projects. Its standardized dimensions ensure that it seamlessly integrates with other components, whether in building frameworks, supports, or other architectural elements. Its size strikes a balance between strength and flexibility, making it ideal for numerous applications.

Why This Machine Matters to You

Investing in a 3" x 3" Structural Pipe Insert Machine offers several practical advantages. First, it ensures consistency in the production of structural steel pipes, guaranteeing every piece meets the exact specifications. This consistency translates to reduced waste, increased efficiency, and a higher quality final product. Additionally, with safety features like safety covers and E Stops, operators can work with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected from potential hazards. For businesses or individuals in the roll forming structural steel sector, this machine not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also elevates the quality of the output.

Are you looking at a 3" x 3" Structural Pipe Insert Machine?

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