2”Composite Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine in Orlando, USA

Our 2" Composite Metal Deck in the United States, used for Metal Deck

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Understanding the 2” Composite Metal Deck Machine

At its core, a 2” Composite Metal Deck Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to produce metal decks, particularly the 2" composite variant. When we mention "2 inches" or "2", it refers to the profile size or height of the metal deck produced. The term "composite" in composite metal deck refers to the deck's ability to work alongside concrete to form a reinforced concrete slab. These machines are essential in the construction industry, as they help in fabricating composite metal deck floors that are vital in various building structures.

How Does It Operate?

This machine operates by taking sheets of metal, typically ranging in thickness from 16g to 22g, and forming them into the desired 2" composite profile. The process begins by feeding the metal sheet into the machine, where it passes through a series of forming stations. Each station gradually shapes the metal until the final 2 composite metal deck profile is achieved. A notable feature of this machine is its "Pre flying shear" cutting type, which ensures a smooth, precise cut without stopping the machine's operation. The entire process is controlled by a dedicated control system, ensuring consistency and quality in every piece produced.

Key Features:

  1. Profile and Size: 2" Composite Cassette Machine with a profile size of 2 inches.
  2. Forming Speed and Material Thickness: Specifically designed to handle metal sheets ranging from 16g to 22g.
  3. Power and Safety: Operates on a main power of 480v 3ph 60hz, and for safety, it comes with safety covers and E Stops.
  4. Machine Specifications: The weight and footprint of the machine are optimized for efficient operation and space management.
  5. Delivery: FOB Orlando, Florida, ensuring reliable and timely delivery.

Profile Practicalities:

The 2" composite metal deck profile produced by this machine is not just a piece of shaped metal. It's a crucial component in the construction industry. Once the 2 composite metal deck is laid down, concrete can be poured over it, resulting in a composite metal deck floor. This combination offers strength, durability, and stability, making it ideal for floors in commercial buildings, bridges, and other large structures.

Benefits for the Consumer:

For consumers, investing in the 2 Composite Metal Deck Machine means ensuring efficiency and quality in their construction projects. The composite metal deck details achieved by this machine guarantee a metal composite floor deck of the highest standard. Furthermore, its unique features, like the pre flying shear and dedicated control system, ensure minimal wastage, saving both time and resources. The end product, the metal composite deck, offers unparalleled strength, reducing the need for excessive support structures and cutting down on construction costs.

Are you looking at a 2” Composite Metal Deck Machine?

All Our machines are all due to variations in the customer's demand, and we are always ready to assist with any issues. All machines are assembled by our expert team in Orlando, Florida. We have been leading the Roll Forming Machine market since 2009, and have great expertise, so you will be in safe hands. For further information, contact our team here. For more Machines, browse our extensive range here

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