1" Metal-Deck Roll Forming Machine In Orlando, USA

Our 1" Metal Deck in the United States, used for Metal Deck Roofing and Metal Deck Roof.

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Understanding the 1" Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

At its core, a 1" Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine is a specialized equipment designed to shape metal sheets into consistent, standardized metal decks for roofing applications. For those new to the concept, think of it as a machine that transforms flat metal sheets into ridged or corrugated metal deck profiles. These profiles are commonly used in metal deck roofing, providing strength and stability to the metal roof deck structure.

How Does It Work?

The machine operates by feeding a flat metal coil, typically 48" wide, into a series of stations. Each station gradually bends the metal until the desired 1" deck profile is achieved. As the metal progresses through the machine, it is continuously formed at speeds of over 60 feet per minute. The metal used can range in thickness from 18g to 22g. Once the desired profile is formed, a pre-flying shear cuts the metal deck to the required length.

Key Features:

  1. Profile: Produces a 1" Deck profile, ideal for metal deck roofing applications.
  2. Forming Speed: Capable of forming at 60ft per minute or faster.
  3. Machine Specifications: Weighs 20 tons with an 85ft footprint. Operates on 480v - 3ph - 60Hz power with a 32hp motor. It utilizes a chain drive gearbox and consists of 28 stations.
  4. Cutting & Safety: Features a Pre Flying Shear cutting system. Optional safety covers are available, and the machine comes with E Stops for emergency halting.
  5. Location: The machine is available FOB (Freight On Board) from Orlando, Florida.

Profile Uses:

The 1" deck profile produced by this machine is highly sought after in the construction industry. Its corrugated design offers enhanced strength, making it ideal for metal deck roofing systems. This specific profile ensures that the metal roof deck can withstand various loads and stresses, offering longevity and durability to structures.

Practicalities & Benefits:

For consumers, the 1" Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine presents a plethora of advantages. Firstly, it allows for the consistent production of metal decks, ensuring uniformity in metal deck roof structures. Given its speed, it's also a time-efficient solution for large-scale projects. The machine's ability to handle different metal thicknesses provides flexibility based on the project's needs. Moreover, with safety features like E Stops and optional safety covers, operators can work with an added layer of protection. Lastly, the machine's availability from a central location like Orlando, Florida, ensures easier logistics for American consumers.

Are you looking at a 1" Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine?

All Our machines are all due to variations in the customer's demand, and we are always ready to assist with any issues. All machines are assembled by our expert team in Orlando, Florida. We have been leading the Roll Forming Machine market since 2009, and have great expertise, so you will be in safe hands. For further information, contact our team here. For more Machines, browse our extensive range here

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