PBU Panel Profile

PBU Panels and PBU machines

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2023

PBU panels are an incredibly versatile and cheap panels that are ideal for open framing support conditions, predominantly for walls and roofing. They can be used as either a roof or wall panel, as they can be placed horizontally and vertically. They are also ideal as a solid substrate. They can also be placed over purlins and joints, and provide an aesthetic, contemporary, sleek appearance in almost all applications. This is perpetuated by the fact that PBUs feature half the rib depth of PBR panels, providing that sleek, contemporary aesthetic. They are recommended for 1:12 or greater roof slopes.

What can they be used for:

PBU panels are incredibly versatile and are ideal for the following applications, and more:

  • Roof applications
  • Wall applications
  • Residential buildings
  • Agricultural applications
  • Architectural Projects
  • Industrial applications
  • Commercial applications

PBU Panels are also incredibly withstanding, being able to retain and hold during the most severe baleful storms. This provides PBU panels an incredibly exalted position, and pertinent in any climate and for any means. Further, they are essentially maintenance-free, ensuring you will practically never need to worry about your PBU panels.

PBU Panels, despite their vast array of positives, can be expensive. Any savvy businessman would see a prospect in producing their own PBU panels, through, say, a Roll Forming Machine, where rather than relying on a third party source, they can produce their own on a mass scale and to their own exact requirements, with a state of the art machine capable of anything one would desire. It's in this perspective that one of our PBU Roll Forming Machines seems like an easy investment, one to provide longevity and your own sovereignty in your field, where you aren't reliant on others. To achieve this so elusive freedom and practicality, it seems like a necessity to purchase a Roll Forming Machine, which we have a vast array of. If you are captivated, scroll through our collection here, contact us on a price, give us your exact dimensions and desires, and you will reap the rewards.

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If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable PBR roll former, why not browse the extensive range from Roll Forming LLC today! Have any questions or need some advice? Just give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call - we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact us at [email protected] or call us at USA (407) 859-1119.

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