Roll forming pricing

Are you considering investing in a metal roll-forming machine for your business?

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

You may be wondering about the pricing of roll-forming machines and whether it is worth your investment.

There is no doubt that deciding to buy a metal roll-forming machine is a huge decision. It is a significant investment and one that needs careful thought and consideration. Before you buy, you will no doubt want to learn about the price of roll-forming machines to see whether purchasing one is an option within your business budget.

How much does a roll-forming machine cost?

Roll-forming machines can vary widely in price, depending on their capabilities, whether they are used or new devices, the quality of the machine, and where in the world you buy it. Any machine type is likely to set you back thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars; therefore, it is an important investment for your business and one that needs to guarantee significant efficiencies and cost savings to make it worthwhile.

Benefits of roll-forming machines

Investing in a roll-forming machine can provide a number of important benefits for your business. Some of the most common include:

Producing uniform parts to exacting measurements means consistent, high-quality end products

Increased efficiency thanks to high-speed production

Less manual input is required as many processes are automated

Reduced energy costs

Ability to produce complex cross-section profiles

Advanced design tools

Industries that use roll-forming machines

Roll-forming machines are used to create parts used in a vast number of industries, including building construction, automotive, aviation, and many more.

What to consider before buying a roll-forming machine

Before investing in a roll-forming machine, you need to ask whether the initial cost outlay will be worth it in the long run. Generally speaking, any business looking to create high-quality, precision metal parts at speed could benefit from investing in a roll-forming machine.

What to look out for in a quality roll forming machine

Of course, not all roll-forming machines are high quality, and the pricing may reflect this. Make sure you buy from a reputable, established company that offers a warranty on machine parts and labor and is happy to answer any questions you have about the machine and show it to you in operation if requested.

How to get a quote for a roll-forming machine

If you would like to get a quote for a roll-forming machine, the process is simple. Send us an inquiry with details about what you are looking for, or if you are unsure, we can quote you for a standard profile.

To give an exact quote for a roll-forming machine, we will ask you for the following details:

1. Please send us your profile drawing and size. We can design and produce the machine as per your own drawing. If you don't have the drawing, we will quote you as per our standard profile.

2. What is your material?

3. What is the minimum and maximum of your material coil thickness?

4. What is your material width?

5. For the decoiler, do you need the manual type? Or Hydraulic type?

For more information about roll forming pricing or if you aren't sure what kind of machine you need, get in touch with our customer team today and we can help find and quote for a machine that is compatible with your needs.

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