PBR roofing panel roll forming machines

A PBR roof panel machine is a popular type of roll-forming machine producing extra strong panels used in construction.

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2022

PBR stands for Purlin Rib Bearing. Many construction companies rate this type of paneling as far superior to the standard ‘R’ panel, thanks to its strength and durability. A PBR panel can withstand greater weight and pressure because of the additional lip created around the edge, which this results in a better overlap between the panels, giving them better tolerance and creating a superior seal and thus better protection against the elements.

The standout characteristic of the PBR panel is its more significant overlaps section that creates more metal-to-metal surface contact between two panels and is not only more robust but also more weather tight. These types of panels are typically used in roofing to ensure the roof remains strong and stands up well against severe weather. The purlin beating leg seals our draughts and moisture and can be installed on solid substrates and open framing, i.e., metal purlins of wood support beams.

A PBR roofing panel roll-forming machine can produce these types of panels with excellent precision and outstanding efficiency. PBR panels are popular in the building trade as they provide greater longevity and sustainability, are easy to maneuver and install, and are a cost-effective solution for metal building systems too.

Therefore, PBR panels are widely used both in commercial, industrial, agricultural, and architectural building designs. They are safe, provide excellent energy efficiency, and are low maintenance, and have helped boost the reputation of metal being the building material of the future.

PBR panels are particularly popular in areas where wind-driven rainstorms are more commonplace. If leaks penetrate the roof or wall panels, this can be time consuming and expensive to rectify. PBR paneling can be installed both horizontally and vertically, providing excellent functionality while meeting all standard building requirements.

As metal buildings are more commonplace, PBR panels' popularity will no doubt continue to increase. A business producing PBR panels with the help of a quality roll-forming machine will undoubtedly see greater and greater demand as the need for quality, sustainable, and long-lasting products continue.

If you are looking for a PBR roofing panel machine, browse the range from Roll Forming LLC or get in touch with our friendly customer team to see how we can help you -we'd love to hear from you and can offer you lots of advice to help choose the right roll forming machine for your business.

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