What Industries Use Roll Forming?

Here is a list of the top industries

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2022

Roll-forming machines have been used for decades to help many businesses improve their efficiencies across various industries. Without roll-forming machines helping to mass produce metal parts precisely and quickly, so many industries would suffer.

These innovative machines massively reduce human labor time as well as human error. When high precision and uniformity are important, roll forming is hugely beneficial,. These machines have become an integral part of many metal-related industries thanks to the quality of products they produce.

Businesses choose roll-forming machines because of their ability to produce quality products at scale. The time saved and the productivity increases mean that any business using a roll forming machine has the potential to see their profitability soar, in no small part thanks to the automation or continuous running of these machines.

The roll forming machine reigns supreme if compared to other metal fabrication equipment, such as sheet metal press brake, metal sheet shearing machine, or a straightening machine. This is because a roll former can tackle all the jobs, such as bending, cutting, hole punching, and straightening, as the metal is passed through the machine. There is no need for separate processing or transporting of the product from one place to another to achieve the desired result.

In which industries do roll formers operate?

Almost every metal-based industry utilizes roll formers to produce its products.

Here is a list of the top industries that take advantage of the efficiency and productivity that can be achieved by using a roll-forming machine:

The Aviation Industry, such as…

Seat rails

Stiffeners for fuselage

The Automotive Industry, such as…

Bumper reinforcement

Car door frames

Crash bars (tubes)

Exhaust pipes

Heat exchanger radiators tubes

Seat rails


The Construction Industry, such as…

Cable trays & ladders

Doors & windows

Hand rails

Hollow elevator guide rails


Roofing & decking


The Oil & Gas Industry, such as…

Deep sea oil extraction tubes

Transportation pipes

The Storage Industry, such as…

Display shelves for products

Metal storage racks

Roll formers can also be used in many unexpected ways, such as in the power supply, for example, creating copper busbars and conductors, in supermarkets such as building parts for huge refrigerators and freezers, and at the side of the road - all the guard rail that exists? That was all produced by roll-forming machines.

Roll-forming machines today are much improved and utilize the latest technology to produce their parts, ensuring high-precision work. If you are in the market for a roll-forming machine to help your business, browse our high-quality range or get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your needs today.

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