Roll forming solutions for Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are typically crafted from durable aluminum or sheet profiles. Their strength and reliability make them ideal for many business uses.

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

You will often see shutter doors on offices, shops, industrial buildings, and garages to protect the building and deter potential intruders.

Roller shutter doors are technical profiles. They need to be strong yet flexible as they will open and close - usually once each day. They can come in many different heights and widths, and there are options for curved, flat, and double-wall slats.

Roll forming machines for roller shutter doors

To create the ideal shape for roller shutter doors, a roll-forming machine is used. The device employs hydraulic cutting to great the slats and embossing rollers to develop different types according to the specifications required. The gearbox on the machine can be used to ensure the roller shutters are created at high speeds.

Single Slat Rolling Shutter

A single slat machine typically needs the following components:

  • Decloilers
  • optional pressing system (for hole mesh if required)
  • Feeding unit
  • Rollers
  • Cutting unit
  • Control unit

Single roller shutter slat machines create roller shutter doors from galvanized steel or colored steel minus PU insulation. The thickness of the raw material is usually around 0.6-1.2mm GI or PPGI steel. Punching holes are optional. It is also possible to create hole-mesh shutter slates where the sheets are pre-pressed for hole mesh prior to passing through the machine.

Rolling Shutter Panel

Components required for rolling shutter panel machines are similar to the single slat machines; however, they won’t make ventilation or hole-panel shutter doors. Roller shutter panels can be crafted from roll-formed panels using pre-painted steel. The thickness of the color steel is typically 0.4-0.6mm with 1000mm width. The required door height determines how many pieces are necessary.

PU Roller Shutter Slats

PU roller shutter slats have PU insulation and are crafted using aluminum or galvanized steel. The end result will look similar to the single shutter slat door. However, the PU insulation is the core difference here. PU shutter slats have two single slats at the top and bottom. PU foam is sandwiched between them to create an insulating layer, making them a more popular choice in areas that experience harsher weather conditions. The components for a PU roller shutter slat machine include:

PU foaming unit Heating-insulation unit Cutting unit, Control unit Exiting table

Roller Shutter Doors - Roll Forming Machines from Roll Forming LLC

If you are looking for a top-quality roller shutter door roll forming machine, browse our range. We offer several top-quality machines and can help with installation too. Got any questions or need some advice? Just get in touch with our customer team today - we’d be more than happy to help you!

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