What are floor decking machines used for?

Floor decking machines are used to create floor construction in the form of a permanent steel base, upon which reinforced concrete slabs can be poured.

Posted on Friday, December 31, 2021

Floor deck roll forming machines will use galvanized steel as the raw material. Galvanized steel is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent material for such purposes.

A floor decking roll forming machine can produce consistently high standards of floor decking. Some of the advantages of using such a machine include:

No cutting deformation High strength A large working load

The result can then be directly mixed with the steel mesh and concrete with excellent adhesion. When this is applied in a high-rise steel building, the benefits include saving the steel molding templates, reducing the floor load, and requiring less steel, which creates cost savings for the user.

The parts of a floor decking machine

Decking forming machines consist of several parts which the metal is passed through and shaped bit by bit to achieve the desired profile. Parts of a decking machine can include:

Uncoiler and base Coil sheet guiding equipment Roll forming system Post-cutting equipment Hydraulic station PLC base controlling system Supporter table.

The corrugated profile sheet produced by a typical floor decking machine will be extremely durable and stick to concrete well. The flooring produced can be used as the floor of high buildings, car parks, stadiums, and shopping centers while keeping the cost of construction as low as possible and guaranteeing the excellent uniform quality of the finished product.

An integrated electronic system controls contemporary floor decking machines. This means that high productivity can be achieved due to the automated process. The tolerance of the cutting length can also be minimized thanks to the improved cutting method of the roll forming machine.

What kinds of floor deck can a floor decking machine produce?

Floor deck is the underlying plate that acts as a support for the concrete that is poured on top. Also known as the floor bearing plate or steel bearing plate, you can produce different floor decking types, namely open floor deck, necked floor deck, and closed floor deck.

Open floor deck is most commonly used as a structural component in floor and roof systems. It boasts an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and helps to keep erection and handling costs minimal.

Necked floor deck is commonly found in mid-rise structures as it can produce a thinner total floor depth, reducing the height of each story and maximizing the height of the ceilings.

Closed floor deck has a closed rib shape design which permits the sub ribs to be entirely encased in concrete. It has particularly impressive fire resistance, shear resistance, and bearing capacity too.

Floor decking machines from Rollforming LLC

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