Improve your ROI on your Roll former

Buying a roll forming machine for your business is a significant investment. So you'll no doubt want to ensure that you get the very best ROI possible

Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

So you'll no doubt want to ensure that you get the very best ROI possible. Doing your research before you buy and making sure you are clear about why you need the machine is essential. You should also set out your goals and expectations in terms of productivity, improvement, and profit-making to ensure that you make the most of your purchase.

Many businesses massively depend on their roll formers to create their product line. The more efficiently, quickly, and precisely this can be one, the better. Customers rightly demand a lot from these machines in order to make it worth their while to buy one.

So what are some of the things that could improve the ROI of your roll forming machine?

Quick Changes

Roll forming machines that are versatile are typically more popular than those that aren't. If you can change the profile quickly and easily and use just one device to create several different parts, this will be a massive bonus, depending on the type of business you operate.

Not every customer wants the same kind of panel. A range of colors, widths, lengths, and yield strengths needs to be possible to satisfy a range of customers' needs. The best, most modern machines make this possible, and all at the flick of a switch. You should be able to enter different requirements into a single control panel that's connected to the entire line. For example, in the roofing industry, engaging different rolls can be accomplished through rafted tooling, which has been a game-changer in terms of saving both time and waste material across the entire industry.

Organizing for the job site

Another vital feature of roll forming machines that can massively improve ROI is their ability to organize the bundles of products in a way that permits the person instilling them to unpack them in the correct order - i.e.the order in which they need to be used.

An automated pick and place system means that the panels arrive at the job site in bundles according to how the installer needs to unpack them. This saves a great deal of time and energy at the job site. Modern roll forming machines can be instructed in this way through the control panel and can be adjusted easily as and when necessary. Updates in technology also mean that it doesn't have to be solely the machine operator's role to input this information and that data can be input into the machine to produce different parts throughout the day - without any downtime. The device will simply change over automatically as soon as a batch is complete. This massively increases efficiency, eliminates downtime, and also reduces the possibility of human error.

Data gathering technology in the modern roll former also means that it is easy for business owners to analyze productivity. They can monitor the accuracy of parts and determine the quantities of each piece produced throughout the day. Roll formers will also automatically separate any parts that have not been processed correctly into a "bad part pile." Without this feature, these parts would have to be discovered manually, which could be a slow and painful process.

Using a roll forming machine can be one of the most cost-effective ways of producing metal products. There will always be updates in technology and design, which means that businesses can improve their ROI. Any business that needs to create mass products with complex shaping, angles, holes, notches, and slow embossing may consider investing in a roll former.

Once you have your machine, you can make tweaks to improve ROI further. These include:

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