Getting the most out of your roll former purchase

When purchasing a roll forming machine for the first time, the more information and research you undertake, the better.

Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Purchasing a roll former is a significant investment and, therefore, a decision you won’t take lightly. Getting the most out of your purchase is imperative to ensure excellent value for money and make the investment worthwhile.

Before you buy, you should search for quality roll former manufacturers. A good manufacturer will offer you lots of help and advice to ensure that you choose the most suitable machine for your business. They will ask lots of questions and actively seek information from the customer to ensure that they have all the required information to make the best recommendation. If they aren’t willing to help, give advice, make recommendations, or don’t seem like experts on the machines themselves, they may not be best placed to help you make a great purchase.

Things to consider to ensure you get the most out of your roll former.

Machine Usage

The manufacturer will seek to understand whether you are looking for a general-purpose machine that can make lots of different profiles or a machine dedicated to producing just one particular part.

Material Thickness

The material thickness will also play a crucial role in determining the right roll former for you. Knowing the thickness of the material that will be fed into the machine will influence the size you’ll need, how many shafts there are and what size the shaft diameter needs to be.

Material Type

Different roll formers work with different materials best. Some materials are much more malleable than others. If you are working with a softer material, you’ll probably require fewer bending stations.

Yield Strength and Elongation Of Material

Knowing the yield strength of your intended material is also important and will determine the elongation too. It’s essential to be aware that running your machine too fast or too slow could negatively impact the end product and damage the machine.

Number Of Bends and Total Degree of Bends

When designing the profile, the number of bends needs to be calculated as this will influence the number of bending stations you’ll require in your roll forming machine. It will also determine what drive system you’ll need as well as the tooling design. The total degree of bends will also affect the number of stations required and the motor size of the machine.

Height and Width of Section

The height of the product will influence the height of the section, and different stations will need to be at different heights as the product passes through the machine and changes shape. The width of the product will influence how big the shaft needs to be.

Production Volume

The production volume influences the drive. Knowing both the feet per minute and the lineal feet per day will help to ensure the correct drive is selected.

Pre-Cut Or Post-Cut?

The manufacturer should also help you determine whether the product should be pre or post-cut depending on your desired results.

Pre Or Post-Punched Holes?

If holes need to be near bends and therefore may end up elongated or changed when they pass through the roll former, it’s best to post punch to ensure exact sizing.

All of the above will help you determine the right kind of roll former for your company and ensure that you get the most out of your roll forming purchase. Any good manufacturer should be able to help you with all of the above, so you end up with a machine that’s a great benefit to your business and excellent value for money.

If you require any help or advice about the type of roll forming machine you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, expert team today!

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