Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

When it comes to creating floor deck sheet metal, a specialist plate decking roll-forming machine is necessary.

Posted on Friday, October 1, 2021

When it comes to creating floor deck sheet metal, a specialist plate decking roll-forming machine is necessary. The unique design of a floor deck roll forming apparatus is optimized via computer to ensure the specifications are precise and durable.

Different roof decking floor profiles are commonly used as the structural component. A cold-formed metal sheet is usual in creating steel decking flooring. Metal decking is used in a floor system that requires extra durability. It will support the concrete - the end result being a high-strength space that can withstand great weights.

The design and construction of a floor deck roll forming machine magnifies the metal's properties and ensures the strength to weight ratio is optimum.

Why Use A Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine?

Manufacturers use steel deck roll forming machines to ensure handling and erection costs are kept to a minimum while still ensuring that the floor deck is strong and of excellent quality. This makes them ideal in the creation of factory floors, warehouse flooring, or stadium flooring. These machines are used to help support the concrete and keep the surface sturdy and tough.

Closed Floor Decking Machines

Steel floor decking is also advantageous because of the smooth and uniform result it helps to produce. With the addition of shop and field-applied top coatings, the final product can also be highly attractive. Steel floor decking has additional benefits, including being extremely robust, comparably lightweight so easy to maneuver and install, with excellent structural integrity and versatility. It is also a low-cost and recyclable material making it even more appealing for building project managers, architects, and builders alike.

The Machine Itself

A floor deck roll forming machine has many special functions making it an efficient and effective piece of equipment for any flooring production business. It boasts uncoiler and coil sheet equipment, post-cutting ability, controlling system, hydraulic station, and supporter table. The specifications are input into the inbuilt computer system to ensure accuracy and precision, and the resulting metal deck produced by this machine is resilient, hard-wearing, and long lasting.

Other floor decking machine types

As well as Steel Deck roll forming machines, other machine types that produce floor decking include B Deck roll formers which can accept more unusual configurations such as sloped or curved decking and are commonly used for floor construction in multi-storey building types. Versa-Del metal decking machines are also popular for use in mid-rise residential structures. The Dovetail system can produce a much thinner total floor depth, which helps to keep the overall height low while still retaining the maximum possible ceiling height.

Floor deck roll forming machines are ideal for the effective production of floor decking, which boasts high strength and longevity and high automation while keeping production costs low.

At Rollforming LLC, we provide a range of top-quality floor deck roll forming machines for various purposes. Please browse our range here or contact our customer team to discuss your needs today.

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