Rollforming solutions for construction

A roll forming machine can create frames, trusses, and joists with excellent efficiency ensuring that parts are ready to be assembled quickly and easily.

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2021

Roll forming machines can offer excellent solutions for a range of construction purposes. Technologically advanced machines are equipped with innovative design and engineering software, which enables them to produce the various parts that are most commonly required within the construction industry.

A roll forming machine can create frames, trusses, and joists with excellent efficiency and ensure that these parts are ready to be assembled quickly and easily.

Cold roll forming is an extremely popular manufacturing method within construction. It is both versatile and efficient, and the process involves the continuous bending of long strips of metal that are bed into the machine from a coil. The metal is passed through several precisely contoured rolls, bending and shaping the metal until the desired cross-section profile has been met.

Metal roll forming for construction is handy within industries that require large quantities of constant profile parts or those that need parts with exceptionally long lengths. The process ensures a hugely reliable degree of consistency and accuracy, and it is possible to use a wide range of metals.

Powerful roll forming machines are used to create customized products and designs according to particular manufacturers' needs and provide an impressive solution to the complex challenges that businesses operating within the construction industry are presented with.

The best roll forming technology will result in impressive savings in weight as well as increased durability. The process is also faster and requires less energy than extrusion. The more rapid turnaround naturally results in better efficiency in terms of the number of units produced and product development.

Thanks to rapidly constructed framing components, the benefits of using roll forming machines in this way mean more cost-effective high-density construction for developers.

Some of the uses of roll forming solutions in construction might include:

Creating parts that meet the specialty requirements of aged-care buildings, such as structure ramps, bigger windows, and extra-wide doors and hallways.

When temporary or permanent structures are called for as part of a disaster relief program, roll forming machines can provide an effective solution as production can begin immediately. These machines can create a number of different treatments and shapes, such as ribbon windows, including walls, balconies, and solar shading.

Roll formers can also be used to create commercial storage that must be built within a short time frame and to a tight budget in response to sudden rapid growth.

The machines also provide a wider span of solutions that are used in industrial, agricultural, and warehousing facilities. Structures that can be created include mezzanine floors, canopies, and steel interior partitions.

The scope for roll forming machines to provide construction solutions is enormous, and they will continue to be in demand thanks to their high levels of efficiency and ability to deliver precise, consistent results at great speed.

If you are looking for a roll forming machine to provide a solution for your construction business, why not get in touch with our friendly team today?

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