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Roll Forming Process

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Roll Formers FAQ’s

A roll forming machine is a metal manufacturing machine that creates precise, consistent metal products, usually from coils of steel sheet metal. A roll forming machine uses a mechanical bending process to progressively shape the metal as it passes through the machine’s rollers, producing numerous products such as metal roof panels, garage doors, gutters, metal building studs, and more.

Forming in manufacturing usually refers to the shaping of metals via appropriate pressure applied, resulting in the desired shape of the metal product. Some of the pressures used include shear, tension and compression. In roll forming, the pressure applied as sheet metal passes through the rollers achieves the necessary product shape.

Cold roll forming is another term to describe the roll forming process, differentiating it from other types of metal forming that involved the use of heat. Roll formers shape coils of metal using mechanical pressure rather than heat. Cold roll forming results in precise products with a consistent finish and allows for metal components with greater flexibility and durability.

Roll forming machines have roll forming cassettes that are designed to create the exact desired end shape, or profile, of the metal being formed. As the sheet metal passes through the roll former, it goes through the series of cassettes, each of which creates a greater bend in the metal, until the metal has acquired its final form.

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