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Metal Roof Panel Machine FAQ’s

Ribbed metal roofing is similar to corrugated metal roofing. The difference is the profile. Ribbed paneling is patterned with flat sections and ribs, which when installed give the appearance of seams. Ribbed metal roofing is also sometimes confused with Standing Seam roofing because of the similar seamed appearance. Corrugated roofing, on the other hand, has a wavy, U-shaped profile. Some of the types of ribbed metal roofing include PBR panel and AG panel.

AG Panel is a ribbed roofing profile that comes in 36 inch panels with 3/4″ high ribs on 9 inch centers. The panel also has two additional shallow ribs in each section that give this panel more strength. AG roof panel is an excellent choice for residential and commercial use because it has an attractive low-profile rib and is affordable, weather resistant and durable. AG profile panel is manufactured by processing sheet metal via a roll forming machine. View our AG profile roll forming machines here.

MasterRib panel, Classic Rib and Tuff Rib panel are two other names for AG Panel roofing. AG panel roofing is the most common metal roofing panel for home, commercial, and agricultural use.

PBR Panel is short for Purlin Bearing Rib Panel. This is a type of ribbed metal roofing that is similar to AG roofing, but its pattern includes a higher 1-1/4” rib. It also includes two shallow ribs that add strength without adding more weight, which makes PBR panel a cost-effective choice. Like other types of metal roofing, PBR Panel is manufactured using a roll forming machine. View our PBR Panel roll forming machines here.

When compared with R panel, the PBR panel features additional ribs and a larger lip at the edge of the panel that adjoins with the next panel. These two features offer several advantages. The PBR’s added strength means that it is safer for a worker to walk on, while R Panel may buckle under a person’s weight. Also, the extra material at the edge of the roof panel creates stronger joining and better resistance to water, roof leaks, and storm damage.

PBU panel is similar in appearance to U panel in that it has one rib without the additional shallow intermittent ribs. However, PBU panel, which stands for Purlin Bearing U Panel, has an exposed fastener segment on one side of each panel which allows for installation directly over purlins or joists, similarly to PBR panel. Roll Forming Machines, LLC supplies roll forming machines for the manufacturing of PBR panel. View our PBR panel roll forming machines here.