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What products are made by roll forming?

ArticlesWhat products are made by roll forming?

What products are made by roll forming?

Roll-forming machines are widely used across many industries. While there are some obvious uses for metal roll formers, others could be more apparent.

Posted by Ben Browne on Monday, December 12, 2022

Here we’ll explore some of the top products that are created via the roll-forming process.

Solar Panel Framing Systems

The framing system that keeps solar panels attached to commercial and residential roofs is crafted via a roll-forming machine. In fact, solar market projects are the most common job type of roll formers in the US.

Tubing and piping

Tubing comes in many different shapes and sizes, but the one thing that remains constant is that a roll-forming machine will have produced almost all tubing. This is because roll formers have the ability to weld the tubes thanks to a process called scarfing.

Construction Framing

Metal roll-forming machines play a huge part in the building construction industry. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a commercial building that hasn’t been made with some parts produced by a roller former. Parts produced for the construction industry must be exact and quality assured. Architects and project managers must be certain that any part they use can meet the loading standards before investing in it.


Guard rails must be robust and reliable to be fit for purpose. The roll-forming process makes sure of this. Because guard rails can be galvanized at the plant, this means once they are taken off the line, they are ready to be used and will stay resilient and weather-resistant in all conditions.

Siding and Roofing

Metal roofing is popular in the US, particularly in the Northeastern states, and the metal used to construct this roofing comes from roll-forming machines. Other structural components, such as Purlins, are also an integral part of roof and floor construction and are produced by roll formers.

Automotive parts

Roof bows, door beams, bumpers, and steel frame rails that you find in cars are all produced through the roll forming process.


Roll-formed copper is used in refrigerant exchangers, and kick plates, and stainless steel rails used in commercial food storage are also produced via these machines.

Windows and Doors

Window rails and stiles are roll-formed, as well as hollow window trim. Door frames and casings and even some door faces are roll-formed too. Roll-forming machines can also add glazing.

Ships, Trains and Planes

Roll-forming machines play a massive role in creating parts for the transport industry. The siding for trains can be produced via a roll-forming machine, as well as the interior and exterior metal parts. Wing edges for planes can be roll formed, and roll forming is also used to produce cabling and power table trays made from galvanized steel which may be hung along the length of a ship.

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