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The Decoiler Machine and Its Daily Maintenance

ArticlesThe Decoiler Machine and Its Daily Maintenance

The Decoiler Machine and Its Daily Maintenance

Taking proper care of your roll-forming machine and any related equipment will ensure that you can continue producing quality products efficiently. 

Posted by Ben Browne on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The decider machine is an integral part of any roll-forming process, and looking after it can ensure that your production line runs smoothly from the start.

What is a decoiler machine?

The decoiler machine, also known as an uncolier is a type of coil-handling equipment. It sits at the very beginning of the processing line and works in conjunction with a sheet metal straightened and press feeder. The metal coil is loaded onto the machine, where it will be safely held and uncoiled. The device works to support the steel coil by tightening the coil’s inner hole. It rotates the straight heads, therefore, directing the steel belt head to the leveler.

How do I maintain my decolier machine?

You can ensure your decoiler remains in excellent working order by performing daily maintenance tasks. Here are some of the jobs that should be completed each day:

  • Oil your machine at the lubrication points to keep them running smoothly. Make sure you do this both at the oil cup and manual points.
  • Roll the plate according to the parameters of the machine.
  • Check the upper and lower rollers by connecting the power supply and carrying out the upward and downward movements - check for any signs of jamming.
  • Ensure the machine has been cleaned and turned off at the end of each day.
More general decoiler maintenance
  • If any unusual noises or any jamming are noted during operation, stop the machine immediately and locate and rectify the source of the problem to prevent damaging the machine.
  • Re-familiarise yourself with the operation guide and ensure the procedures for processing and operation are followed precisely and anyone operating the machine is aware of them.
  • Ensure there is good communication between operators and they follow the instruction of the person in charge of the plate rolling.

By following the above, you can extend the life of your decoiler machine and ensure that it continues to perform correctly.

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