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Siding roll forming machine

A metal siding roll forming machine can produce different types of metal siding for a number of different building and construction projects.

Posted by Ben Browne on Thursday, July 28, 2022

Choosing metal siding is popular for both interior and exterior buildings, and there are many reasons why metal siding is used to help support the building by providing strength, durability, and protection against the elements. Metal siding is also a low-cost solution making it more attractive to those on a tight budget.

How a metal siding roll forming machines work

A siding roll forming machine produces metal sheet and panels for cladding and facade siding. The machine itself has several parts, including decoilers, guide and pinch rollers, a hydraulic cutting device with a hydraulic station, a PLC control system, and run-out tables.

Benefits of a siding roll forming machine

The features of a siding roll forming machine include: Working with galvanized, pre-painted, or aluminum light between 0.4-0.6mm gauge. A hands-free operating system controlled by the integrated PLC system. The ability to cut to any length. Optional follow cutting (with a particular type of metal wall panel). Optional auto stacker to minimize labor costs. Optional perforated press to create holes on the metal wall panel.

Some of the benefits of metal siding include:


Metal siding is robust and durable, making it extremely beneficial in construction building projects.


Because metal is touch and difficult to break, metal siding is attractive for buildings that require enhanced security.


Metal such as aluminum is extremely fire-resistant, which can help to ensure that the property or outbuilding is safe and well protected.


Aluminum contains no iron, and therefore it won't rust. This makes it a fantastic metal to use in building projects as it will not weaken when subjected to potentially corrosive weather such as wind and rain.


Metal is a relatively low-cost material, making it an attractive option for more extensive building projects and those on a tight budget.


Lightweight metal such as aluminum is easy to manipulate and transport. This can make building projects easier and keep transportation costs to a minimum too.

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