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Roll forming solutions for structural profiles

When it comes to structure profiles, there are specific machine models that are used for manufacturing in this particular industry

Posted by Ben Browne on Friday, 16th April 2021

Roll forming solutions for structural profiles

Different roll forming machine types are used for specific purposes, and when it comes to structure profiles, there are specific machine models that are used for manufacturing in this particular industry. Roll forming solutions for structural profiles mean that the production lines can be uniquely customized for products commonly used in the construction industry. Such products include racking and shelving, stud & track, scaffolding, strut channels, guardrails, cable trays, and much more.

Choosing roll forming solutions for structural profiles should result in manufactures achieving a much more efficient production line, and one that's faster, cheaper, smoother, and safer too. These machines include, but are not limited to, the following:

Shaft and H-shape steel under frame - this can provide exceptional durability, thus minimizing the risk of deformation.

Forming rollers that are processed by a CNC machine tool which will result in extremely high precision, with no margin for error. These are subsequently chrome-plated to which secures the final products' accuracy.

Cutting tools in roll forming machines for structural profiles are quenched. This is done to achieve higher rigidity and fatigue resistance, and will this allow the resulting products to be perfectly smooth.

Roll forming solutions for structural profiles can include a Mitsubishi or Siemens operating system, which is unquestionably reliable and has an intuitive operation. Once programmed with the required length and quantity, the machine begins an automatic production which is highly effective. Cutting length tolerance is controlled within ±2mm .

Roll Forming machines for Stud and Track products

Features of a roll forming machine for stud and track include impressive high forming speeds of 20m/min. The best roll forming machines can produce customized drywall stud and track depending on your unique requirements.

Roll Forming machines for Cable Tray

Cable tray can be produced via a process of cold roll forming of hot dip galvanized steel coils. The thickness of the coils can be between 0.6-2.0mm.

Roll Forming machines for Racking and Shelving

Roll forming machines are highly effective at producing mass racking and shelving units that are built to be super durable with smooth edges that allow for safer mounting and application and greater longevity.

Roll Forming Machines for Scaffolding Plank

Scaffolding is a temporary working platform that helps to ensure construction can take place smoothly and safely. Scaffold deck is used to secure a solid standing surface for those working. Scaffold deck roll formers will help to produce scaffold decks of various lengths at high speed.

Guardrail Roll Forming Machines

Guardrail plates are commonly used to help protect both sides of roads. Guardrail rolling forming machines typically create safer and stronger guardrail plates that have smooth edges.

If you are looking for the right roll forming solutions to create structural profiles, Rolforming LLC can offer a massive selection of robust, top-quality roll formers to help you - browse our range here. If you have any questions or need any assistance, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today.

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