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Roll forming solutions for Automotive

Roll forming machines work by adopting a continuous profile production process to mold and form large sheets of metal, which are then fed into the machine

Posted by Ben Browne on Tuesday, 25th May 2021

The metal is rolled progressively into the desired shape with closer tolerances.

Roll forming is advantageous because it can deliver complex geometrical shapes while retaining high strength, dimensional accuracy, closer tolerances, and an excellent surface finish.

Roll forming has become an increasingly popular method of production for automobile parts. Nowadays, many parts of these vehicle types are produced in this way. The roll forming process has been implemented into the current production lines and can be synchronized with existing and additional stamping units.

Because some car parts require the production of pipe-shaped thin-walled cross-sections and lots of the construction demands the need for complex shaped parts and unusual dimensions, the precision and durability of the roll forming process has made it an invaluable part of automobile creation.

In some applications, roll-formed profiles will be stronger than parts created via alternative processes. The roll forming process can be used to produce consistent profile parts at high volumes. Roll forming machines are able to make accurate end product held to close tolerances. It is also possible to integrate notching, slotting, punching, and embossing into the process so finished parts can be produced with great effectiveness and productivity.

The roll forming process is quicker and more energy-efficient than extrusion. However, the costs of the machine are high, so those using these machines must be able to make use of or sell large quantities of the products to ensure that the investment cost is worth it.

More traditional roll forming machines were used to produce parts whose cross-sections were uniform in the longitudinal direction. Nowadays, these machines are capable of producing a broad range cross-section. Some of the parts that roll forming machines now widely make for the automotive industry include:

Car body and bumpers Rail body Rockers, Door beams Crash tubes, and other UHSS

The strength of the material is not a problem for a roll forming machine providing the processing steps were developed to deal with the higher forming forces. Tooling wear is also not usually a challenge. There are instances where, after producing millions of UHSS parts, the tooling presents minor signs of wear due to the minimal speed differential that occurs between the forming rollers and the material being formed.

One challenge that does need addressing when considering roll forming machines and their ability to produce parts from UHSS is being able to cope with fluctuations in mechanical properties as well as poor flatness.

When comparing production methods of various structural body parts in the automotive industry, it is clear that metal roll forming has fantastic potential to meet the increasing demands of the ever-changing automotive industry. Roll forming processes are also able to overcome challenges such as the safety, comfort, ecological performance, flexibility, and low-cost requirements that this industry demands.

While precise, long, and high-strength body parts are still required to be produced in massive quantities, roll forming process machines will continue to be the optimum choice.

Browse our range of top-quality metal roll forming machines today, or get in touch with our customer services team, who will be happy to help answer any questions and provide you with more information.

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