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Lightweight steel construction

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Lightweight steel construction

There are numerous benefits to light steel framing in construction projects of all varieties.

Posted by Ben Browne on Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Using a roll-forming machine to manufacture light steel framing benefits buildings and construction companies, being versatile and cost-effective.

Lightweight steel construction can be used in different applications. It’s durable, easily transportable, and eco-friendly. Being so light makes it a good option for prefabrication too.

Roll forming your lightweight steel components results in higher-quality, higher volume parts. Roll-forming machines add accuracy, boast a wealth of programmable features, and utilize CAD integration for high-precision parts. Material costs are reduced thanks to less wastage, so if you are looking to produce high-volume or proprietary components, a roll-forming machine could greatly benefit your business.

As well as mass manufacturers, purchasing a roll-forming machine has become an option for both light-gauge steel framing subcontractors and self-performing general contractors.

Panel shop owners and truss manufacturers are opting to roll their own parts using a roll former. So whether you are a big business or an individual, a lightweight steel construction roll-forming machine could suit you.

It’s cost-effective

Lightweight steel is an affordable material that has many uses. It is easily manipulated, resulting in lower construction times, which means fewer labor hours to pay for, saving you time and money. You can also save money on transportation costs. Lightweight steel remains a sturdy and robust material and can be recycled post-use, which can present an opportunity for additional savings.

A speedy build time

The lightweight nature of this material makes it easy to maneuver and an accessible material to work with. Lightweight steel can be pre-engineered during the roll forming process and can arrive on site ready for use. This means construction times can be significantly lowered without requiring the steel to be measured or cut onsite.

Strength and durability

Though lightweight, this material is robust and durable, making it an excellent choice for construction projects of all varieties. It can bear weight, is weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and requires little maintenance, keeping costs down for property owners.

It’s planet-friendly

Lightweight steel frame construction is fantastic for eco-friendly building projects. Steel is widely recycled worldwide and boasts impressive energy efficiency too. When used in conjunction with airtight connections, a building can be effectively sealed, which keeps heat in and cold out.

It’s highly versatile

Steel construction is highly versatile. Thanks to its lightweight properties, roll-forming machines can manipulate steel easily, so it can be used in many different ways. It’s suitable for many different building types, highly durable, and is widely used in domestic buildings such as residential homes and commercial or industrial properties.

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