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Floor Deck Rollforming Machinery

Roll forming machines manipulate large metal sheets by following a continuous profile production process.

Posted by Ben Browne on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Sheet metal is fed into the device, and passed through a series of rollers to manipulate it into the desired shape. The metal is rolled progressively into the correct form with extremely close tolerances.

Many types of industries use roll forming machines because of thier ability to create highly complex geometrical shapes precisely while simultaneously retaining maximum durability, accurate dimensions, and a uniform end product.

Roll forming machines are now widely used to produce floor decking by using galvanized steel fed into the machine. A typical floor deck roll forming machine can form the metal sheet into a customized shape to particular specifications.

The steel floor deck has many uses and is commonly found in power plants, automobile exhibition arenas, power equipment businesses, workshops, railway stations, in larger supermarkets and superstores, and in entertainment venues such as concert halls and grand theatres or gymnasiums.

A roll forming machine can produce the floor deck in a short period of time without compromising the strength of the material or its durability.

There are several types of floor decks that a roll-forming machine can produce. A roll forming floor deck machine can weigh over ten tonnes.

The entire production line of a typical floor deck roll forming machine is set out as follows:

Decoiler 1 set Main forming machine 1 set PLC control station 1 set Hydraulic oil pump 1 set Product receiving table 1 set

Customers can choose between a manual decoiler and a hydraulic decoiler. The manual option is cheaper but has less capacity (around 5 tonnes) and will take a lot of effort to change the coil when it is time to do so. The hydraulic coil, on the other hand, can have a capacity of up to ten tons, and the core of the decoder has the ability to shrink and expand. The core also can run forward and reverse, which can hugely reduce the need for manpower.

What are the main features of floor deck roll forming machinery and floor deck?

A floor deck roll former can adapt to the specific requirements allowing for speedy construction of the steel, and can create a firm working platform very efficiently.

Floor deck can be used to reinforce the concrete slab, which helps to make it more rigid. This saves the amount of steel and concrete required. The floor deck can typically save a third of the concrete required and hugely reduce materials costs.

A floor deck can also be helpful in fireproofing. Galvanized steel is very fire-resistant, so floor deck can help to prevent the spread of fire or slow it down.

Floor deck is also highly durable and robust. A floor deck cannot crack or be broken like concrete and therefore can be helpful in areas, for example, where earthquakes are prevalent.

Steel is also an entirely recyclable material, so it can be reused if it is removed, making it an environmentally sound option.

Creating floor deck with a roll forming machine can save time, workforce and keep production costs low. If you are interested in floor deck roll forming machinery, browse our range or contact our customer team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

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Roll-forming machines are widely used across many industries. While there are some obvious uses for metal roll formers, others could be more apparent.

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