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Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

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Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

A floor deck roll former is used across many different industries to produce high-quality, durable steel floor decking for a range of purposes.

Posted by Ben Browne on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Producing floor decking through a roll-forming machine boasts many advantages, including:

High strength

Excellent consistency

Large working load

No cutting deformation

The end product can be mixed with steel mech and concrete and is widely used in high-rise steel building projects as it helps to support the floor load and can save the steel mold templates while also reducing weight. Floor deck is also popular in building projects as it reduces the steel required and lowers construction costs.

Other benefits of using floor decking in construction projects include further economic benefits - steel decking doesn’t require additional support, reducing the quantity of concrete needed, slab thickness, and cost savings in reinforcement steel. The end product is also versatile and used in many different building types, including shopping malls, markets, walkways and bridges, stadiums, industrial sheds and warehouses, storage facilities, multi-storey car parks, high-rise buildings, and control rooms.

Floor deck flooring machines components

This type of roll-forming machine typically consists of the following:

A metal uncoiler and base feed the metal coil into the roll former on a continuous loop.

Coil sheet guiding equipment, such as a straightener

A roll-forming system

PLC base controlling system

Hydraulic station

Supporter table

Post-cutting equipment

Benefits of using a floor deck roll former

The end product produced by this type of roll-forming machine boasts high strength with big rib - this means it adheres well to concrete.

The machine provides users with the ability to achieve uniformly high-quality products.

Greater productivity is possible because the management line is controlled by a CAD system and therefore requires minimal manual intervention.

The precise cutting method results in minimal tolerance of cutting length.

Our floor deck roll-forming machines

At Roll Forming LLC, we supply high-quality floor deck roll-forming machines. All machines are assembled with precision and care in our factory, and both parts and labor are protected with a 1-year warranty. For more information and to answer any questions you may have get in touch with our customer team today. We’d be delighted to hear from you and help find the right roll forming machine for your business.

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