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Drip edge roll forming machines

The advantages of drip edge machines

Posted by Ben Browne on Friday, October 28, 2022

A drip edge roll forming machine can produce metal flashing parts with speed and precision. If you are in the roofing business and are looking for a high-quality drop-edge roll-forming machine, browse our range today.

What is drip edge?

Drip edge is a metal flashing found around the edges of roofs. Its purpose is to help manipulate water flow, essentially keeping it away from the components of the roof directly below it to prevent water damage and deterioration. You’ll see drip edge flashing overhanging the sides of the roof, characterized by the small metal flange that is bent and running away from the fascia. Drip edge is water-resistant and non-corrosive to ensure it stands up well against the elements and remains aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Why use drip edge?

There are many advantages to using drip edge in building construction. It is widely incorporated into building designs and benefits all homeowners looking to protect their roofs and property.

The advantages of drip edge include:

Water is diverted away from the fascia, ensuring that the fascia does not deteriorate or begin to rot.

The edges of any decking are also protected, reducing water penetration and absorption in severe weather.

Any gaps at the bottom of the roof can be sealed by using drip edge, which can help protect against the elements and prevent small animals, such as rodents or bugs, from entering the attic space in the home.

The bottom of the roof line will be protected from ice dams which could form during colder weather spells.

Drip edge can also help to secure the fascia and deck boards, reducing or eliminating any movement that might otherwise occur.

Assists gutters in directing water away from the foundations of the property.

Improves the overall performance of the roof and helps it last longer

Installing a drip edge along the roof line can be a smart move. Aesthetically it is barely noticeable, but thanks to the stain-resistant material, it will not affect the walls of your property and is typically available in a range of sizes and colours.

Drip edge should be installed around the entire roof edge to be completely effective. If installed properly, will not only stabilize and secure the underlayment and create a watertight seal around the edge of the roof. Once installed, it is barely noticeable, with only the face of the metal seen in a thin stripe located just under the shingles and above the fascia.

Rollforming machines for drip edge production

A high-quality roll-forming machine means that you can produce precision drip edging on a mass scale, significantly boosting the efficiency and productivity of your business. If you are looking for a drip edge roll forming from a trusted and reputable manufacturer, browse the range from Roll Forming LLC or get in touch with our customer team with your requirements - we’d love to hear from you today!

Financing your roll forming machines

Financing your roll forming machines

Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2023


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Drip Edge Machine Orlando Florida

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We have delivered and set up a new metal drip edge machine for a Metal roofing supply company based in Orlando Florida

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What products are made by roll forming?

What products are made by roll forming?

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2022

Roll-forming machines are widely used across many industries. While there are some obvious uses for metal roll formers, others could be more apparent.

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