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A decolier is an essential component in the metal roll-forming process.

Posted by Ben Browne on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Decoliers, sometimes known as uncovers, are used to unwind the metal roll, feeding it continuously into the machine, and can be used alongside a straightener to ensure the metal sheet is fed into the device smoothly and correctly.

Capacities and capabilities of decoilers are variable. Some models have a speed control system, allowing the operator to adjust how quickly the metal is fed into the machine. It is also possible for some devices to turn the sheet metal, either automatically or manually.

A decolier is used to feed metal into the majority of roll-forming machines to help ensure consistency and increase efficiency.

How do decoilers work?

The sheet metal is initially loaded into the mandrel and uncoiled to feed the cut-to-length or press line. A pressure arm holds down the coil material to keep it in place, and an ultrasonic sensor alongside two photocells controls the loop.

Decoiler machines -FAQs

Are there different types of decolier machines?

Yes - decoilers come with different features that are generally divided by the kind of drive way they operate with, i.e., motorized or non-motorized. A decoiler machine could also be divided in accordance with its expansion way, i.e., a manual expansion or a hydraulic expansion.

How do I know which kind of decoiler machine to choose?

Decolier machines are a critical and valuable component of the metal roll-forming process. By operating with a decoiler you can ensure that sheet metal is continuously fed into the machine, thus expanding your ability to mass produce metal parts at speed.

When choosing a decider, there are several factors to take into consideration, and your decision should be in accordance with your unique requirements and capabilities as well as what you might require in the future.

Some factors to take into account include:

  • Weight of coil - ensure that the decoiler you choose is suitable for the weight
  • Material thickness - consider both the minimum and maximum
  • Inside and Outside coil diameter
  • Width range of the metal strip
  • Your application and speed requirements
  • All of the above factors are worth considering as they will influence the decoiler configuration and the capabilities required to install the machine successfully.

Our Decoiler/ Uncoiler machines

At Roll Forming LLC, we are proud to provide high-quality decoilers, get in touch with our team for more information and let us help find the right machine to suit your needs.

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